Tax-Related Questions

Tax-Related Questions

Tax-Related Questions

  • Payment Plan option for Tax Accounts?
  • How do I sign up for Pre-Authorized?
  • Can I get a reprint of my taxes from last year?
  • How are my taxes calculated?
  • When does penalty and interest go on?
  • How can I pay my taxes?
  • Can I pay my taxes by credit card?
  • When do tax bills come out?
  • When are receipts sent?
  • What do I have to do if I have an issue with my assessment?
  • How can I find out how much is owing on my taxes?

Payment Plan option for Tax Accounts?
Monthly Payment Plan - Pre-authorized debit plan allows for tax payments to be made automatically from the bank account, on the 15th day of each month and credited toward the tax account.  There are 10 equal monthly payments beginning February 15th; and the 10th payment on November 15th will complete the payment for the balance of the taxation year.  Please note, the system will automatically recalculate the payment amount prior to the final billing.  The new amount will begin once final bills are processed.

Due Date Method allows for the actual tax installments to be debited from the bank account on the tax due dates and credited to the tax account.

Please contact the Finance Department for Application to apply for the above mentioned methods of payment.

How do I sign up for Pre-Authorized?
Must obtain proper documentation at the Municipal Administrative Building, 1 Toronto St., Colborne or print off form from Financial Forms and Applications. All applications must be submitted to the Finance Department with void cheque (banking information) at least 1 week prior to the 15th of the month.

Can I get a reprint of my taxes from last year?
Yes, you are able to get a reprint of your taxes from last year, be it that the property has not been sold into another name. If you are selling your home, you must obtain a reprint prior to a deed change. The cost for a reprint is $5. To save the cost of a reprint, please keep your June bill for your records.

How are my taxes calculated?
The municipality uses the assessed value of your property and multiplies that value by the municipal tax rate for your property class to get the calculated taxes.

There are five basic tax rates:

  • Residential
  • Farm
  • Multi-Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Many Municipalities have separate rates for vacant, commercial, and excess land and others have tax rates for large commercial properties such as shopping centers and large industrial complexes. Many times your assessed value is correct but the code applied to your property is incorrect and thus you have the wrong tax rate applied to the assessment. There are a number of new subclasses that have been added to the list of tax classes over the years, name new commercial construction as an example.  When talking to the assessor you should ask if your new building qualifies for these new tax classes.

What are some of the things that can cause my assessment to be too high?

  • There is a calculation or input error.
  • There is an error in the information gathered from your property.
  • There is an error in square footage of your buildings or land size.
  • The wrong land rate was used on your property.
  • Your buildings are rated too high and therefore the replacement cost is too high.
  • There is an improper cost adjustment factor on your structures.
  • The depreciation on your buildings is not adequate due to condition.
  • Functional obsolescence on older buildings has not been considered.
  • Economic obsolescence has not been considered.
  • Your location in relation to better-located properties is not considered.
  • Policy or procedural guidelines have not been followed.

When does penalty go on?
Penalty of 1.25% (per month) is applied to any outstanding balances on the 1st of each month. To avoid late charges, please ensure payment is received in our office by the due date. If you are paying online, please allow for 1-2 business days for our office to receive your payment.

How can I pay my taxes?
We wish to remind you that it is possible to pay the amount of your municipal taxes or of your tax notice on transfer duties by the following methods:

  • at most financial institutions or by using internet banking services. Please allow 3 business days to process the payment in order for the amount to be transferred into our account by the due date.
  • by pre-authorized payments, a simple and convenient way to meet deadlines and avoid late fee charges is to join the pre-authorized plan (funds withdrawn directly from your bank account).
  • by post-dated cheques or money order by mail. Allow time for delivery. It is preferable to send both payments at once if the invoice requires two installments. Cheques and money orders should be payable to "Township of Cramahe" and accompanied by the return coupon. Please write your file number on all cheques, this number appears on the upper portion of your tax bill.
  • by direct payment (Interac), cheque or cash at the Municipal Administration Building front counter.
  • Pay by Credit Card Website only. Please see instructions below.

Installment dates:
Two interim billings the first February and April, the second June and September:

February 27, 2017 – April 27, 2017
 June and September dates are unknown at this time

Any payment sent after the deadline will result in additional interest fees of 1.25% per month. Any reprints of tax bills or statements of account are subject to a charge of $5 per Roll #.  

Can I pay my taxes by credit card?

The Corporation of the Township of Cramahe is pleased to offer a quick and easy payment option for customers interested in paying their property taxes by credit card.  Paymentus Corporation, an independent third-party automated payment service accepts VISA and Mastercard.

Payments will be charged a rate of 2.75% on the total amount paid.  This fee covers payment handling and processing charges. Examples of fees below in chart:

Tax Payment Amount

2.75% Service Fee Amount

Total Charged to Credit Card













You will need your 15-19 digit tax roll number which is found on both your tax bill and/or reminder notice. Enter roll number with the 1411 at beginning.  Last 4 zeros may or may not be needed.

If you would prefer to pay by telephone you may call 1-866-788-2818, and follow the instructions.

Please click the link to pay your taxes by credit card.

When do the Tax Bills come out?
The property tax bills come out twice a year. The bills are sent out at least 21 days prior to the first due date. The Interim bill is generally sent out within the first week and a half of February, and the Final bill is generally sent out within the first week and a half of June.

When are receipts sent out?
If you pay your taxes as they are due, or if you are on the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, your final bill in June is your receipt. If your taxes are paid through your mortgage, you will receive your receipt (final June bill) at the end of the year.

What do I have to do if I have an issue with my assessment?
If property owners disagree with MPAC's assessment or classification of their property, they can file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) and MPAC will review their assessment, free of charge. The deadline to file and RfR is included on each property owner's Notice. To learn more about how to file a RfR please call MPAC at (877)-474-1224.

How do I find out how much is owing on my taxes?

To find out how much is owing on your property taxes, you must come into the office. Alternatively, if coming into the office is not possible, you may email any finance employee as long as your email has your name in it, and matches the name on the property tax account. 



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